Is all about Visual Arts today
or what in our past could have
influenced contemporary artists.

Some of those artists are renowned,
some are emergent for now,
but all of them have a true talent
that deserves to be seen.

As an Art Market professional,
I'm more than open to any visual
suggestion you may have..
Hope your eyes will enjoy the meal !

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Marigold Santos

Flight, acrylic and watercolor on canvas 
Hoax, acrylic and charcoal on canvas 
Liminal, acrylic and watercolor on canvas
Revenant, acrylic, watercolor and copper leaf on canvas

( Unearthly, Uprising series )

Black Hole, forton and fiberglass, metal, wood, acrylic paint, enamel paint, epoxy paint, epoxy resin, rope, synthetic hair, crystals.

( Coven Ring series )

Hélène Muheim

"It is indeed foolish to bite the hand that feeds me"
"Streets are not safe anymore, in twenty years, Parisians lost 40% of their spermatozoids"
"When I quit smoking I can’t work anymore and when I start again it’s not better."

Pencil on paper

Nicholas Di Genova,

othic Fauna, Dirt Wolf, 900 Aquatic Invertebrates, Denizens of Homo-Avien District, Cordyceps Toad and Untitled.

Drawing on the influence of anime, comic books, Otaku culture, and animal compendiums, the work of Nicholas Di Genova features an encyclopedic range of constructed creatures ranging from soft and nurturing to calculating and military. A vast and intense fabricated history acts as a backdrop to the hundreds of interconnected species, families and rival clans that find themselves projecting their habits, relations and environments to their viewers. Working with ink and animation paints, Di Genova’s paintings on mylar highlight his skill with line and his ability to manipulate colour. Always intense and intricately executed, Di Genova’s work rivals the quality of any fine art painter while firmly establishing itself on the fringes of contemporary art.”

Genêt Mayor

Untitled, Paint on wood
Le Secret II, Paint on stone
Untitled, Paint on wood
Satan, Paint on stone

Ramon Todo,

(glass, gemstone)

(glass, marble)

(glass, stone)

Roger Ballen,
Asylum series ( Gelatin silver prints )

Frédéric Plateus,
Solid Rock Series, ( MDF, automotive paint, stainless steel )

Min Jung-Yeon, inks on paper.

Charles Fréger, The Wilder Mann series.

(works depicting actual european tribes rituals)

Julien SalaudStellar Animals series.

Agnès Baillon, french sculptor
Groupe de filles sur fond noir; Groupe Petites Écolières, and 4 jeunes en galerie; all made with resin.

Laurence Nerbonne, Étude 3, Nature Morte and Monroe is Dead 6, all acrylic on canvas.

Laurence Nerbonne, a very young and self-taught artist, focuses on human representation. More than simple portraits, her artworks are devoted to pure emotion. 
Each painting is an encounter, first between the artist and the model, and then between the model and the viewer. Laurence starts with photography, and later brings the character to life with acrylic in her dark studio, enlightened with just a few sources.
She captures the subject’s personality, and tells a true story through very sharp brushstrokes. Using a classical clair-obscur technique, Laurence Nerbonne provides a new vision of portrait : objective, modern and metaphorical. People on those canvases become witnesses of our time, and could be anyone of us. 

Laurence Nerbonne is also part of Hôtel Morphée, as a singer, guitarist  and violinist. Video here. Itunes here. 
Her music, you’ll hear it, could easily be a soundtrack for the stories Laurence tells us in her artwork.

© Text by Anais Serol, That’s Contemporary Art.

Roberto and Renato Miaz
The Antimatter series, 
Acrylics on canvas.
Kawaii #7 and Philosopher #2 )

Pierre Soulages.

BLACK has always been the main subject matter in this french painter’s long career. But not only as a simple color. Soulages’ black, renamed by the artist “outrenoir" (besidesblack), is used as pure material, on which light reflects, or not.

"…both a colour and a non-colour. When light is reflected on black, it transforms and transmutes it. It opens up a mental field all of its own".

This ability to play with reflection creates a kind of small world, composed with bright lights and dark shadows; and as you move around the painting, this black world changes, and evolves with you.
His artworks are like bas-reliefs, and as Pierre Soulage plays with texture, black becomes a universal tone, in which you can actually see each color of the light spectrum. 
Those works are more than made with oils, ink or acrylic : they are also built with light.
The longer you stare at it, the more you get hypnotized by this perfect harmony, as if you were discovering in Soulages’ black the source of everything else.

Soulage doesn’t want to give his work a particular meaning. He prefers to let us live our own experience and “feel” it, in a sort of primitive way.

His oeuvre is currently exhibited in Lyon (France), at the Museum of fine arts.
This brilliant exhibition features both new paintings and most relevant works from different periods. 

To learn more about him, here are two interesting videos in which you’ll discover more widely Pierre Soulages’ statement.

© Text by Anais Serol, That’s Contemporary Art.